ve·​nust | \ və̇ˈnəst \

Definition of venust



Birth is a sacred journey...

There are so many kinds of births: home births, hospital birth, water birth, unmedicated birth, epidural birth, just to name a few... no matter what kind of birth journey you choose, it's a life-altering event. And as your wing woman, I am truly honored to witness and ride along those waves with you. Your birth experience will change you in more ways than one. The memory of it will always be with you. I am here to ensure that it will be a memory you can cherish forever and pass your story down to your children one day. As a mom of three who had some difficult births, I want to be your advocate and guide you through this amazing chapter in your life. I want to hold your hand, wipe your tears and sweat away, empower you and tell you "you got this".

I am a certified postpartum Doula, training to be a birth Doula & more. I also have a strong passion to help parents achieve their breast-feeding goals. I am very comfortable with all birth settings; natural, home water births, planned C-Sections, VBAC, and hospital-based births. All births are a beautiful time and should be celebrated as such.

I serve all of Miami-Dade county, including Broward County. I am open to expanding any other areas as I want to help all moms go through this sacred journey.

I seek to advocate and educate all walks of life in order to normalize birth and the fourth trimester.

The Golden Hour - (pictures of me and my NICU baby)